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Dave Allred on Why Lifelong Learning is the Key to Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

Dave Allred on Why Lifelong Learning is the Key to Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

There is an old Chinese proverb that states, “He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.” In other words, never be afraid to admit your lack of knowledge and understanding in certain areas because as real estate entrepreneur Dave Allred is quick to point out, “The day you stop learning is the day you might as well wave the white flag and give up. Lifelong learning is the key to becoming a better version of yourself.”

Growing up in an environment where financial issues were taboo and never discussed, Dave Allred instinctively knew from a young age that to gain personal freedom from the 9-5 money-go-round, he would have to possess an intuitive understanding and solid grasp of all things financial to make that freedom a reality. Thus began what would turn into a lifelong commitment to learning all the layered intricacies of how finances work and the subtle art of investing. 

Dave says, “Time is our most precious commodity and it saddens me profoundly to see how so many people still just throw it away without a second thought for the future. I knew early on that time was something to be invested in if you expect big returns in this life. I dedicated myself to learning about and mastering finance because I wanted that level of freedom being financially comfortable affords. That work ethic and my passion for lifelong learning have also led me into a host of other areas. To put it simply, I love learning because it improves your skills, helps develop key attributes, and makes you a more rounded individual. Learning is a lot of fun and helps unlock new worlds and new opportunities.”

As someone who has achieved success by not being afraid to place himself in uncomfortable and unknown situations purely to foster his resilience and knowledge, Dave Allred is a big believer that learning is a lifelong occupation. He states, “No individual on this planet, regardless of their intelligence or wisdom, ever stops learning. Learning is the building block of life and having a curious mind is a blessing. Financial gain is a strong motivator to learn new things, but for me, it’s the freedom that money brings, which is its unique selling point. Money, in essence, is impersonal and devoid of meaning but the relationships, memories, and experiences that it gives you along with the time and breathing space to create are priceless. That’s something I learned a long time ago.”

Become a better leader by implementing these 5 actionable tips by Dave Allred

Good leaders are not born. They’re made. Leading is a life-giving process as it drives change and growth. But how does one become a good leader? In this article, Dave Allred, a lifelong student of finance and investment, shares 5 tips to help you become one.

Be open-minded

Being open-minded allows the leader to stay sharp on their feet and shows others that they are staying abreast with novelty. Emphasizing the importance of open-mindedness, Dave says, “An open-minded leader is better than one with a narrow perspective as it enables him or her to walk with the times and only when you match step with change can you bring about something new.”

Be a good listener

A leader is as good as those who follow him believe him to be. Everything else may or may not be a figment of their own imagination. To ensure that a leader is seen as present and available, Dave advises that they “should develop a keen ear. Listening is the superpower we need to bring back and hone. A good listener is always one step ahead of others and therefore never without a practical insight or useful opinion.”

Build a community

Community is the new buzzword and we can all thank God for that. It’s being applied everywhere, from corporate offices to living spaces. Dave believes that building a community is all about “bringing a sense of equality of opportunities as that is the best way to measure the outcomes that come about. Things are changing, the pitfalls of the patriarchal mindset are being exposed, and a good leader must use this time to build a true community.”

Stay a learner

Stagnated water begins to stink sooner or later. Moving water, on the other hand, remains full of life-giving properties. A learner is like flowing water: ever-moving, ever-learning. Dave believes that for a leader to become better at leading, he or she must “never cease learning. It’s the best way to keep people interested in work and provides you with fresh fuel to go on with.”

Be positive

A positive mindset is not an easy thing to attain. If it seems easy, it’s probably an illusion. For Dave, positivity is the best way to “lead people out of problems and toward breakthroughs. A positive leader values integrity and honesty, and has faith in himself.”

Dave Allred’s tips are indeed actionable and can open up new paths for those who follow them earnestly.

Topgolf Competitor Coming to Utah’s Fastest-Growing City

Vineyard, UT, Nov. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Local Utahan announces construction plans for The Golf Club, a three-story, state-of-the-art golf entertainment venue offering golfing bays, golf instruction, chef-inspired dining and concerts and nightlife. The premium golf and entertainment venue is expected to provide more than 240 jobs to Utah County, with construction set to begin in Spring of 2019.

“Being born and raised in Utah, I’ve realized Utah County has a real shortage when it comes to sports and premium entertainment,” said founder and CEO of Dynamic Entertainment and founder of The Golf Club, David Allred. “To help bridge this gap, I’m excited to bring to life a new, cutting-edge golf venue for families and businesses in our community.”

At The Golf Club, guests will enjoy climate-controlled hitting bays, a full restaurant featuring a chef-inspired menu, a sports bar, a roof terrace, a golf academy, a pro shop, a live music venue and a flexible private event space. The venue uses superior radar-based tracking technology, and will be open year-round. The Golf Club will be open to children, families and groups. Visitors are welcome regardless of skill level or golf experience.

Vineyard, the future home of The Golf Club, has seen explosive growth, making it the fastest-growing city in Utah and the third-fastest growing city in the nation, according to Forbes. With approximately 400 new residents calling Vineyard home every month, this growth is expected to continue. As a local business focused on the Utah County community, The Golf Club is expected to become the area’s power entertainment district, already anchored by the Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatre.

“Vineyard is excited about The Golf Club joining our growing and diverse local economy,” said Vineyard mayor Julie Fullmer. “We believe that The Golf Club will help solidify Vineyard as a quality place to live, conduct business and develop as a regional power center for entertainment and recreation.”

Construction of this innovative venue will begin in spring of 2019 through X Development Group, with a licensing partner to be released shortly. X Development group was selected considering their extensive experience along with their current development in projects surrounding this new venue.

The Golf Club will be positioned directly adjacent to the Larry H. Miller Megaplex at 600 North Mill Road, as well as the I-15 freeway, Utah Valley University’s new campus and future UTA Trax and Frontrunner stops. 

Investor and Media Contact:
Dynamic Entertainment
(801) 362-6386

X Development Group
(801) 915-1911

Find out more at www.the-golf-club.com

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