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Dave Allred
Lifestyle Freedom Expert

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Top 5 Keys To Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

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Dave Allred
Lifestyle Freedom Expert
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Top 5 Keys To Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

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My Investments

When You Invest With Us,

Being a partner with us is not just an investment…
it’s an experience.

Being a partner with us
is not just an investment…
it’s an experience.

An experience of growth.

An experience of learning.

An experience of community.

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One of our top goals is to help you feel empowered to become the best investor you can be. We do that by giving you a full experience of investing with us.

We pull back the curtains on all our deals and show you transparently how we found the deal, the underwriting model, how we sourced the debt, our full business model, and even invite investors to join us for on-site visits.

Whether it’s exclusive weekend educational seminars for partners, skiing and snowboard trips, monthly experiential webinars, to swinging the sticks on the golf course, we’re looking to create a community of like-minded investors focused on creating financial freedom and time freedom through passive income real estate—AND living the lifestyle of your dreams.

This is how we’ve earned immense trust with our partners, and it is why we see repeat investments over and over. Because as one of my favorite quotes say…

Trust is earned in drips and
lost in buckets

We know it isn’t enough to show up 
once or twice. We need to constantly 
give you an experience unlike 
any other. 

We treat you like our own family.

Because you are family to us.


I've Created Millions In
Returns For Investors
Like You... AND I’ve Never
Lost a Single Dollar

of Investor Money in Real

I've Created Millions In Returns
For Investors Like You...
AND I’ve Never Lost a Single Dollar
of Investor Money in Real Estate

How is it possible for you to have such high rewards with so little risk?

Two primary focuses:

Asymmetrical Risk

Risk Investments

A Strong Focus
On Cash flow

You want investments that provide a high rate of return, with little downside risk, and are resilient to recessions.

And you want your investments to provide passive income so that you can gain financial freedom and time freedom.

These are stringent criteria, that weed out most investments as it is difficult to find investments that meet all of these criteria.

Fortunately, I specialize in making the difficult easy for you. My goal is to help you Reset the Standard™ on what you think is possible out of private investing.

We reset the standard in…

Capital Preservation

Our first and most important goal is to make sure we don’t lose a dollar of your capital. With that goal in place, we then turn our focus to creating maximum returns on your capital. We protect your capital while creating a strong upside by investing in recession-resilient assets, primarily in red states with positive net migration inflows, and strong tax advantages.


There are many visionaries out there. I’m an execution guy. I’m extremely meticulous in the details and the due diligence. No detail is too small or overlooked. That’s how we have ensured that over the last 15 years investing in real estate our investments have never lost money.


If we can’t add value to the investment, we don’t invest. That’s a key ingredient that allows us to produce such outsized returns. We’re investing not only our capital but our expertise.

Extreme Communication

We over-communicate with our investors on how projects are doing. It takes a ton of my time now, but it’s so central to creating a good investor experience that I make as much time for it as necessary.

Repeat Investors

We aim to create life-long relationships with our partners, and we do that through honesty, predictability, and results. The majority of our investors are repeat investors. For many of our investors, it’s become “plug and play”: I show them a deal, and they trust me and know my track record, as they’ve done several previous deals with me. It’s as easy as saying “I’m in” and we create the same winning results for them again and again. It’s that simple.

we don’t chase capital, we attract capital.

We don’t aggressively solicit investors to invest, they come to us because they see our track record, our high-integrity way of doing business, and the experiences and community we create around winning in business.

Want to learn more?

Hi, I’m


Growing up, I would stare at this one Jerry Rice poster I had on the my bedroom wall… saying: “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can have what others can’t.”

I grew up with very little. It was hard. Yet it also instilled some intense principles and ignited a passion and drive that’s led me to level up my standards and take control of MY life.

I’ve made mistakes. Yet I have also built and stacked up success after success. This is why I’m committed
to helping as many people as possible to achieve financial freedom and live the life they dream of.

I know what’s possible and I know what happens when you Reset Your Standard. It’s not easy, but most things that are worthwhile in life aren’t. I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, and I’m living it!

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I Am
Resetting the

Speaking Standard

With My Unique Insights into Financial Freedom & Lifestyle Design

When I started Axia Partners, I had the vision to Reset The Standard of how people invest into real estate by creating an experiential experience that involves a lot more than just making money.

Because although money is important, it means nothing without understanding how to grow it and leverage it to create true lifestyle freedom.

This is why I’m passionate with creating massive freedom through passive income and lifestyle design and lifestyle Investing. Making money isn’t enough, investing in the right projects isn’t enough – There is so much more you can achieve, which is what I bring to the stage with my immersive speaking engagements.

I don’t just share the process, but express the
passion behind the process.

This way your audience doesn’t only learn…
BUT feels inspired and empowered to take action!

Does this mean I’m the right speaker for your stage and your audience?

Well, that depends on what you want to achieve from your guest speakers…

If it’s action as well as education, my presentation may be what you’re looking for. More importantly, it may be what your audience is…

Events I Have Spoken At:
Here's what my friends and clients have to say...
Greg Butterfield

Greg Butterfield

Sage Creek Partners – Founder

Over the years I’ve witnessed firsthand Dave’s commitment to excellence…and it is best in class. However what I’ve been most impressed with is the reputation he’s built for always doing what he says he’s going to do.

Brandon Fugal

Brandon Fugal

Colliers International – Chairman

I have had the honor of working with Dave Allred over the last several years, as he has led multiple businesses to enormous success. I am proud to now partner with Dave on several landmark projects and investment opportunities. His vision and commitment to excellence drives bottom line results!

Justin Donald

Justin Donald

The Lifestyle Investor – Author

When it comes to lifestyle investing and winning the game of money, Dave’s the real deal! Dave’s extensive real world experience and wisdom in the world of investing is truly remarkable. He’s detail oriented, an operator (which is rare), execution focused, a dynamic leader, and all around great human being.
He’s a perfect example of living
with intention and designing the
life you love.

Joe Fairless

Joe Fairless

Ashcroft Capital - Founder

I’m very impressed with how focused Dave is on constant improvement – both on the personal and business side. I can say first hand that I know he’s thoughtful, fair, and analytical – which is a great combo for real estate investing.

Shawn Brenchley

Shawn Brenchley

Lumio – President

I have known Dave Allred since he was 22 years old. I have watched him recruit, train, and lead people for over 20 years. Dave is amazing at leading people and driving results regardless of how hard the task is. His communication style is dynamic and impactful. He is loving, kind and does exactly what he says he will do. I have a deep amount of love and respect for Dave and have seen who he is under pressure. Because of this, Dave will always have a seat at my campfire!

Jefferson Rogers

Jefferson Rogers

JKR Windows – Founder and CEO

I was thoroughly impressed with Dave during my time working with him. He was very organized with our call content and our action items each month which helped me stay accountable to the things that were going to move the needle for my company. The systems that were implemented during my time working with Dave forever changed the trajectory of my businesses. I will be forever grateful to have met this man. Thank you Dave.

Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier

Real Estate Worldwide – CEO

First off, Dave is one of the best human beings out there. He gives his everything in all he does. It comes through in spades when he’s speaking from stage and sharing with the audience. Second, his resume and success in real estate, business, and life gives him a unique perspective to share truly insightful wisdom, but also highly tactical and applicable advice for any audience. We’ve had Dave speak several times on our stages because of this. If he’s available - book him.

Alec Nethercot

Alec Nethercot

V3 Electric – Founder

Of all I’ve done to invest in my leadership development, working with Dave sits at the top of the list. He is a master teacher; and his achievements and niche business experience make him uniquely qualified to coach in a way that no one else can. He helped me get clear on my desired outcomes and pulled from a wealth of resources to help me accomplish them. Dave is the real deal and I give him my highest recommendation.

Josey Parks

Josey Parks

Blue Collar Millionaires - Founder

I had a great experience working with Dave. He is very knowledgeable and brings great insights and wisdom into solving problems. His methodology when it comes to overall life and his Lifestyle Design was incredibly impactful. Defiantly recommend investing in Dave!